First off… CONGRATS on your new jewelry, and THANK YOU so much for your business. It’s people like you who keep me and my creativity flowing and growing!

Any jewelry made by DALIA JEAN is considered fine jewelry  and of lifetime quality.

This means your jewelry is not only awesome, but is like an investment because it’s jewelry you can wear forever.

See below for information on care for various jewelry pieces. 


 Copper jewelry will naturally patina over time to various colors, ranging from a bright roses color to a deep warm brown. It’s patina can change from one color to the next and back again, depending on if it’s exposed to water, air, different soaps, etc. It’s color variance is part of its beauty. 

To maintain copper jewelry, periodically shine with a jeweler grade polishing cloth. 



Any Sterling Silver jewelry will tarnish over time if left in open air for storage. It can also tarnish if you shower/bathe with the jewelry on and your water has higher sulfur content.

Use a jewelry polishing cloth to periodically polish your jewelry to its original shine. You can purchase jeweler grade Sunshine Cloths here on my site.



Gold-Filled Jewelry is wonderful because it has the look of gold without the expense. The numbers 14/20 mean that 1/20th (or 5%) of the total weight is 14k gold. The outer layer of 14k gold is much thicker than gold-plated items, which renders a longer life of quality gold shine.

You can treat your gold-filled pieces as you would solid gold: Polish with a soft cloth or jewelry polishing cloth. 



Genuine leather jewelry should not be exposed or submerged in water, it can eventually dry and crack. If leather knots become loose, re-tighten by hand.