ABOUT THE OWNER, designer, maker

Dalia Jean was born in northeast Ohio and has lived here for most of her life. She moved to Charleston, South Carolina in her early twenties to live near the water and eventually decided to move back to the city she loved: Cleveland.

Dalia graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and currently teaches at the high school level. While completing her undergraduate degree,  she studied under the instruction of world-renowned jeweler Dave Williamson, and fell in love with the art of jewelry making. Quickly, she knew she would pursue the medium as a personal passion and craft. She started building her jewelry line in the fall of 2017 in her home studio and was able to finally make her artistic dreams a reality. Her hands-on approach to everything has rendered her the brains behind literally every part of her business. She does all of her own graphic design and marketing materials, she builds much of her display set up, hand makes all of her jewelry, hand draws and designs all of the artwork she sells. It is truly a labor of love and passion that she loves sharing with others. 

Dalia Jean's handmade line of fine jewelry is fabricated one at a time, and while she works to create certain pieces for consistency, each piece is truly unique and one of a kind. Her love for nature, trees, and the beauty of wood grain has always existed, but struggled with the lack of durability of jewelry that included actual wood. She has created a process that includes hand drawn designs, etching, and fabricating that brings to life the look and feel of wood but is built for the daily jewelry wearer as USA-sourced copper, sterling silver, and gold-filled materials can withstand the elements and will last a lifetime. 

Dalia Jean's line of rustic, yet clean looking and modern jewelry can accentuate any look and will become staple pieces in anyone's jewelry collection.



Dalia Jean has always found joy in maintaining a balance in her own creativity by working with a variety of media. She has been graphic design work for over ten years now and particularly gravitates toward logo design.

"There is something about designing a logo that brings with it the hopefulness of a bright future. A well-designed logo can encompass so much about a company, business, or an individual, and working with the client to truly embody all that will be represented by that logo is invigorating." 

Dalia has worked to create many logos, event signage materials, various print media covers and brochures, and much more.

"A good design is harder to spot. It sits well with the viewer, and becomes a part of their experience seamlessly. A bad design will stick out and be noticed for all of the wrong reasons." 

Dalia works extensively with her clients to bring function and form together in good graphic design. See her graphic design client page for more info.


Dalia Jean has always loved to paint. She enjoys any and all paint media, but has been primarily working with watercolor paint recently. She finds great joy in being the hands behind the heartfelt gifts that her paintings so often become.

Interested in a custom painting? Head on over to her page about her paintings to get started!